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Est. 2019 in Lagos Nigeria

I Touch is committed to constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and finding new and better ways to help businesses succeed.

“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” ― John Lasseter


In the early 2020s, during the pandemic, I Touch tech made a strategic decision to invest in remote solutions for businesses, This allowed the company to expand its offerings to include video conferencing solutions, remote monitoring and cloud-based services, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Today, the I Touch Business Edge is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions to businesses across multiple industries. With a team of experienced software engineers and a commitment to delivering the highest quality products, the company continues to lead the way in technology and innovation.


I Touch Tech was founded in 2019 by Richard an ambitious tech enthusiasts with a vision of revolutionizing the world of technology. The company was established with a focus on developing innovative tech solutions for businesses to enhance their productivity and improve their bottom line.


In the early years, the company’s first major project was to setup a bank’s network and communication infrastructure in a seamless and efficient way . The success of this project helped the company gain recognition and attracted more clients in the many industries.


As the company grew, it expanded its offerings to include web development, mobile application development, Managed IT and cloud computing solutions. The company’s expertise in these areas soon became well-known, and it was sought after by businesses of all sizes.



“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”
Stewart Brand

About Us

I Touch Tech is a leading technology company that specializes in deploying IT Infrastucture with  innovative solutions for businesses and individuals. 


Our mission is to deliver exceptional technology solutions and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers, while fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and integrity


Our vision is to be a global leader in providing innovative and reliable technology solutions that empower people and organizations to achieve their full potential.

I touch Tech

ICT is a leading technology company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for businesses and individuals. The company’s primary focus is implementing IT infrastructure with cutting-edge qualities in areas such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and data management. With a talented team of engineers and researchers, I Touch Tech is dedicated to deploying products that simplify and enhance the lives of its customers. The company is headquartered in a Lagos, Nigeria and serving global customers in several countries. Whether through its  products and or  professional services, I Touch Tech is committed to delivering outstanding customer service and helping its clients achieve their goals.

Richard Oyadina

Founder & CEO

I Touch Business Edge

Meet Richard Oyadina, a highly experienced and skilled engineer with over 2 decades of experience in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry. With a passion for using technology to solve real-world problems, Richard has built a successful IT company that has been providing innovative solutions to industrial clients for many years.

Richard’s expertise lies in a wide range of technology areas, including networking, Infrastructure Architect,  Techsupport and Artificial inteligence. Throughout his career, he has designed and implemented complex IT systems that have greatly improved the operations of his company, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.

Richard is always looking for new and exciting challenges, and
his company remains at the forefront of the industry, constantly seeking new
and innovative ways to help their clients succeed. He is dedicated to using
technology to make a positive impact on the world and is proud to have built a
company that is making a difference.


richard Oyadina


Founder/ CEO



Project Manager

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Solutions Architect

talented Tech team

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